Two Week Easter Revision Calendar

By | March 29, 2019

We have a very strange Easter holiday period in Sheffield.  We break up today for two weeks and return before Easter for 4 days then have a long weekend.  I’m not complaining but obviously I need something to keep my Year 11 class ticking along over the 2 week break.

I’ve therefore put together my usual daily calendar of regular practice on challenging questions.

There are two of these within the documents below…

The first is purely higher tier and is aimed at students aiming for level 6 and above – I’ve tried to build in a degree of challenge into all these questions.

The next is covering Foundation/Higher crossover work, so is suitable for higher tier (particularly those who maybe aren’t looking at much above a 6) or your foundation candidates who you are wanting to push towards 4s and 5s.  Again I’ve tried to build in a level of challenge into most questions.

As always my resources are free to download and use – if you spot any errors, please email me and let me know (or contact me on twitter @mrchadburn).

Below are the links for the editable word file and the pdf version and the solutions for each tier

Year 11 Easter Holiday Revision

Year 11 Easter Holiday Revision

Y11 Easter Holiday Revision HIGHER TIER SOLUTIONS


Enjoy and happy holidays!!

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