The hypocrisy of pay restraint

justine_greeningJust thought I’d dip my toe into the teacher pay discussion I’ve seen on twitter.  The Government’s evidence to the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) has just been released.

Justine Greening is pushing for pay restraint and keeping any increases at 1%.  Of course any increase in salary has to come from the ever diminishing school budgets.  The government will trot out that it is protecting school budgets – but of course this is semantics.  They are keeping the amount of money given to schools exactly the same whilst expecting schools to find the extra money for pay rises, NI contributions, utilities, etc.

Just as a comparison, as Justine Greening promotes restraint and explains any increase we have to find ourselves, how does the pay of Ms Greening and her colleagues in the House of Commons compare with school teachers.

In 2010, when austerity really started, the starting salary for a classroom teacher outside London was £21588.  At the same time MPs basic pay (without allowances and payment for extra responsibilities) was £65738.

No pay rise for either till 2013 when teachers and MPs received a 1% rise to £21804 for new teachers and £66300 for MPs.

2014 saw another 1% rise to £22023 and £67060.

In 2015 we teachers received another 1% to £22244 and MPs got a whopping 10% t0 £74000.

We received another 1% in 2016 to £22467 and MPs didn’t give themselves a pay rise.

Now I’m not decrying the pay of MPs.  I admire the job they do and agree they should be paid well for it, however I do decry the rank hypocrisy of one public servant pontificating on pay restraint to a section of the workforce which perform an equally (some would argue more) valuable role which has seen basic pay increase by 3% from 2010 to 2015 whilst in receipt of a basic pay increase of 12.6% over the exact same period.

To match the increase (by proportion) our MPs achieved over a 5 year period, we’d have to wait till 2022 at the current rate of increase.

Just saying.

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