Solve my maths problem 1

By | June 24, 2015

I’ve discovered a fantastic site called Solve My Maths.  It is a site created by a mathematics teacher containing all sorts of wonderful resources.  I’d love my side to eventually be as full of fantastic ideas and resources one day.  Anyway using the mantra of plagiarism being the biggest form of flattery (provided you own up to it and credit who you are plagiarising) I’m going to nick some of his ideas and post them here also – particularly the really interesting problems he has created to stretch and challenge pupils.  (I’d heartily recommend reading his about page – makes you realise what being a mathematics teacher should be about).  You can follow him on twitter as well @solvemymaths

This is one of the problems he has posted recently on his twitter feed – all his problems use skills no harder than that required for GCSE.  I may even try to solve it myself (ok – I’m working on it as we speak) and if successful I might post my own solution and open myself up for derision should I get it wrong – but if the teacher can’t take risks, why should we expect the kids to!!!

Enjoy this lovely problem…



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