Revisiting Mr Barton’s Podcast

If you haven’t yet come across or listened to Craig Barton’s “Mr Barton’s maths podcast” stop reading this post and go and do it now.  I discovered it a year or so ago and it does get better and better and is massively valuable and free (important for me as a true Yorkshireman) CPD.  I cannot recommend it highly enough – though when episodes can last for between 1 and 3 hours they maybe are best listened to in portions – I tend to listen to an episode whilst travelling to and from work over a couple of days.

Anyway apart from plugging Craig’s podcast – I have never met him and he almost certainly is unaware of my presence – I wanted to highlight one particular episode which, after attending the La Salle Education #MathConf13 in Sheffield yesterday.

La Salle’s chief executive is Mark McCourt an absolutely fascinating person and someone I greatly admire within mathematics education.  Briefly listening to Mark at yesterday’s conference as he started the day reminded me of the episode last year on Craig Barton’s podcast.  I re-listened to the episode today.  I highly recommend anyone with even a passing interest in mathematics education to listen to this particular episode to get an insight into what Mark McCourt is like and the philosophy behind the La Salle organisation.  He is straight forward and strident in his views and I found myself agreeing with virtually everything he says and what an intellect.  Someone I would definitely like to work for if he was a head teacher.

You can listen to this particular episode by clicking here.  Whilst you are at it – get subscribe to the podcast and listen to some of the others. Another particular favourite is the Dylan Wiliam one.

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