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By | April 14, 2017

I’m playing around with different revision ideas.  This isn’t entirely my idea – I’ve seen variants of this online but thought I’d trial it with a set I want to use with a Year 9 group I teach to help them revise units of work we’ve done this year.  The first unit was an algebra unit which included solving linear equations, inequalities, simultaneous equations, introductory function work, changing the subject and quadratic factorisation.

The concept is simple – a wheel with 4 concentric circles.  The outer 3 are split into 6 equal sections (you could use 4 or 8 or whatever really).  Each ‘slice’ covers one of the topics in the unit and builds up the required knowledge – the easier question is on the outer rim progressing to the more difficult one on the inner rim.  In the centre I’ve put a collection of questions covering the topic areas.

Underneath I’ve included a table of Corbett Video links.

I would welcome some feedback on whether people think this is a useful idea and any possible changes you could suggest to make it better?  I’m thinking of using it to revise certain topic areas.  I can see limitations with certain topics which possibly need diagrams because there won’t be room.  I could see this being used to focus on the ‘big question’ work I’ve started to look at as well.

Anyway I’m going to trial it with 3 topics for my year 9 class but feedback from your good selves would be most welcome.  Drop me an email or better still add a comment!

If you want to use them yourself, download them here:

Revision dartboard Algebra 1 (PDF version)

Revision dartboard Algebra 1  (Word version)


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