Revision list for Edexcel GCSE mathematics paper 3

Two down, one to go.  At least now we may have a vague idea of what topics to direct our students towards as they prepare for the third and final GCSE paper on Tuesday next week.

I’ve put together a list of key topics which I’ve done for the students at my school (it isn’t exhaustive and I’m almost certainly missed some) and I’ve put together a booklet of questions that tries to cover some of the key topics that maybe haven’t cropped up in papers 1 and 2 and may in paper 3.  I’ve used the specimen and practice papers that Edexcel have released as a model for many of them.

The first 15 questions in the booklet are cross-over questions and would be suitable for foundation students who are looking towards a level 4 or 5, questions 16 to 32 are focused on higher tier questions only.

Solutions to these questions can be uploaded as well.

Feel free to use and share as you wish.

Revision list

Revision List for paper 3 (Word version)

Revision List for paper 3 (PDF version)

Booklet of revision questions

Paper 3 Questions v2  (Word version)

Paper 3 Questions v2 (PDF version)

Solutions for the Paper 3 Questions

Paper 3 Questions SOLUTIONS

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