Core 3 & 4

BINOMIAL EXPANSION – this lesson builds upon (starting with a refresher) the use of the binomial expansion in C2 where powers are positive integers and takes it through to powers being negative and/or fractional

C4 binomial expansion

COORDINATE GEOMETRY – This lesson works through the concept of parametric equations covering drawing them, converting to cartesian form, normals and tangents and areas.

C4 coordinate geometry

SYSTEMATIC INTEGRATION РThis is a summary powerpoint which looks at the different types of integration used (using standard integrals, substitution, partial fractions, by parts) and trying to emphasis which method to select

C4 systematic integration

This document I’ve modified from one I found on another site.¬† It aims to get pupils to create a flow chart to decide which method of integration to use in different situations.¬† There is a copy of the completed flow chart (this is one possible solution) along with a blank flow chart and a sheet of statements to put in the flowchart that have been jumbled up.

Systematic Integration Flow Diagram exercise

VECTORS – This lesson looks initially at coordinate geometry and moves on to three dimensional vectors, scalar product, vector equation of a line and concepts linked to these.

C4 vectors

Some A level style vectors questions

Vectors exam style questions