A level

I teach the EDEXCEL syllabus, so my resources are tailored to their specifications – not a major issue with the Core modules, but there will be differences in Statistics and Mechanics with other exam boards

1. Core 1 & 2 – the AS part of the core

2. Core 3 & 4 – the A2 part of the core

3. Further Pure – resources from FP1, FP2 and FP3

4. Mechanics Рresources from M1 (kinematics, vectors, statics, dynamics, collisions, moments) and M2 (kinematics [function of time], centre of mass, work energy power, collisions, statics of rigid bodies)

5. Statistics Рresources from S1 (representation & analysis of data, probability, product moment correlation coefficient, linear regression, discrete random variables, normal distribution) and S2 (Binomial distribution, Poisson distribution, continuous random variables, sampling, hypothesis testing)