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By | March 17, 2019

I’m sure most schools are struggling with their budgets and photocopying can be a significant part of this – particularly when doing past papers with Year 11.

I’m currently teaching a higher tier year 11 group and we are working through exam papers now that we have finished covering the specification.  Of course we are fairly limited on the number of papers available to us as this is only the third year of the new spec – yes there are June and November papers available as well as practice and specimen papers but there is nothing like live papers to give a flavour of what sort of questions our students need to be familiar with.  Many of the ‘live’ papers you will be using as mock exams which limits choice, so I’ve started trying to produce ‘shadow’ papers (i.e. similar questions – different numbers) to mirror these papers.  I’ve not replicated all the questions on the paper, just the ones I found ‘interesting’ and felt my students needed to experience a question like that – with the added bonus that the paper can be done as part of our 1 hour lessons (maybe with an instruction to complete for homework), plus they are produced on 1 side of A4 with should cut down on photocopying costs.

The two attached are designed to mirror the two higher tier calculator papers from November 2018 for the Edexcel specification.  Below is a sample question from each paper:

I intend doing similar papers for the other sets of actual papers currently available for Edexcel.

Feel free to download these papers using the links below:

Paper 2 Higher Tier      Nov 18 2H 1 Page Shadow

Paper 3 Higher Tier      Nov 18 3H 1 Page Shadow

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