Missing Topics in 2017 Edexcel GCSE papers

By | May 17, 2018

I’ve been doing a little review of the EDEXCEL papers from June and November GCSE papers to see if I can spot any obvious gaps in topics they haven’t asked questions on.  Some of the questions are difficult to categorise but below is list of topics that I don’t think (?!) have yet to come up.
Of course usual disclaimers hold – I’ve probably missed some obvious ones and some are here that maybe I missed on the papers. Of course there will be many other topics in the papers that have been examined in June and November 2017 and of course this is only for the EDEXCEL papers not AQA or OCR.
However, with these proviso’s and the fact I take absolutely no responsibility for any of these topics turning up or not, in the spirit of collaboration here is my list…


Knowing which two numbers a square root is between (non-calc)

Working with mixed numbers – possibly some division of fractions (could be a cross over with higher) – haven’t spotted a division of fractions on any paper.

Multiplying and dividing whole numbers (possibly decimals connected with percentages) using non-calc methods


Giving answers in terms of pi (so circles on the non-calc paper?)

Ordering standard form numbers

Finding the mid-point of 2 coordinates and the gradient between them

Plotting a quadratic graph (maybe completing a table and plotting)

Interpreting gradient and intercept on a real life graph

Linear Inequalities – maybe also displaying on a number line

Solving simultaneous equations graphically

Finding one number as a percentage of another

Simple interest

Compass constructions

Angles in a quadrilateral

Interior/Exterior angles


Drawing/Explaining enlargements

Conversion between metric and imperial units

Area of composite shapes

Exact values for sin cos tan

Maybe a harder crossover question involving pythagoras/trig where you have to find an intermediate answer

Vector additions and multiplications

Relative frequency

Tree diagrams

Mean from ungrouped table (grouped was on in November P1)


Finding HCF or LCM using prime factorisation

Answers in terms of pi

Surds (maybe in the context of pythagoras – there was an awkward rationalisation one in P1 in November)

Rounding to significant figures

Interpreting the gradient and intercept of a real life graph

Completing the square when a > 1

Interpreting the roots and completing the square in terms of a graph

Composite functions

Quadratic formula

Factorising a quadratic when a > 1

Maybe a disguised quadratic

Given graph of y = ab^x find a and b

Trig graphs

Transformation of graphs

Solving simultaneous equations graphically

Term to term rules

Proportion (Direct on P1 in Nov and indirect P1 in June)

Loci and compass constructions


Circle Theorems – finding an angle and justifying with geometrical reasons (ensure they know the proofs to them all – the one for angle in a semi-circle was on P3 in Nov)

Conversions between imperial and metric units

Pythagoras/Trig where you have to find an intermediate answer

3D Trig

Vector multiplication and addition


Drawing a cumulative frequency diagram

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