Mathematics menu homework Part 2

menuI thought I would report on progress on the menu style homework I wrote about in a previous post.

These homeworks allow students to choose one (or more) of the four tasks – the tasks being differentiated (loosely) based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  I have added two further tasks to the two I reported on in the first post

Olympic Homework – Questionnaires and surveys

Olympic Homework Histograms

The first is designed to test understanding of questionnaire design and was given to an above average year 9 group.  The second is, as the task says, testing understanding of histograms.  This was given to a higher ability year 10 group.

On marking the two tasks explained in the previous post and the questionnaire task (the Histogram task, as I write this, is being completed by the class) it became clear I hadn’t really explained what was needed from the questions.  The bronze task is basically displaying an understanding of key terms associated with that topic.  Students tended to explain HOW to find them but not WHAT they meant when they’d found them.  To try and clear up what I was actually expecting I created possible solutions to the first three tasks to give to the students after I’d marked them for two reasons:

  • the could clearly see WHAT I was expecting (for future reference)
  • it allowed them to more easily compare their work to what I was looking for and decide where the gaps were (some DIRT time!)

I’ve attached the “What I was looking for” documents for the first three tasks below:

Olympic FDPR what it might look like

Olympic Cumulative Frequency what it might look like

Olympic Questionnaire what it might look like

I will be getting some student voice feedback on these activities and will reflect further at the end of term and report back.

As always, appreciate comments and criticisms.

I thought that I would share some student work to give an example of the sort of work they had produced:

Initially some work from 2 year 7’s answering the fractions, decimals, percentage, ratio task:


FDRP4a FDRP4bNow some work completed by two year 9 students answering the questionnaires task


Questionnaires2a Questionnaires2b

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