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revision-clock-gcse1I’ve developed a set of ‘revision clocks’ in the past – usually for A level revision purposes.  I’m beginning to develop them now as starters to review past topics with GCSE groups.

The concept is that each clock should take about 10 minutes to complete (15 if you want to stretch it).  You could then collect in and mark yourself but I will (initially at least) go through the answers straight after to allow for instant feedback.  I’m then going to get them to RAG rate each question to give me feedback for topics I need to either cover again in future clocks or possibly look at teaching in a different way.

I will add these as I develop them.

The first I’m using with a Year 9 group which has just undergone a lengthy assessment.  The 6 questions cover topics which they struggled with in the assessment (nth terms – they’d just forgotten them, mixed number arithmetic, factorising, inequalities, functions, changing the subject)

PDF version:


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