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keep-calm-and-do-some-maths-revision-e1453387173926In September we ran a mock exam for our Year 11s.  This was a mistake!!  Firstly it was far too early in the term (considering they’d relatively come back from the summer holidays where of course they’d done loads of mathematics to keep it fresh in their minds for the return to school) and though theoretically they’d covered most of the material, this actually wasn’t the case.  Factor in total guess work at grade boundaries and it was a car crash of my own making.

This dented ours but most importantly their confidence.  To try and build this back up again, we decided to run another mock exam this week.  The focus was on filling gaps identified from the previous mock in September (there were many!) but also to prove to them that they can make good progress with the right targeted revision.

The mock we ran in September was the paper 2 from the Edexcel SAMs (version 2).  We decided to model this ‘extra’ mock on the same paper, so I’ve effectively re-written this paper using very similar questions and topics.

Just in case anyone wants an ‘extra’ mock to work on with their class, feel free to download it below.  I’ve given the PDF file as well as the word file (you can edit the word file if you wish to change the front page or tweak some of the questions).

I will post the mark scheme for the papers later this week after we’ve marked them all as well as the grade boundaries we intend using.

Let me know if anyone finds these useful…

Foundation Tier


PDF Version:


Word Version (editable):


Higher Tier


PDF Version:


Word Version (editable):


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