Education in the manifestos – a summary

I looked in detail in an earlier post at what the Conservative manifesto said about education (particularly secondary).  I thought I would compare and contrast the three main English parties and their education commitments from their manifesto’s.  I’ve tried to be as non-judgemental as possible and to be honest there are parts of each party’s manifesto I like and would like to see adopted.

I’ve tried to look at 4 specific areas as well as ‘others’ to encompass anything that stood out but wasn’t easily categorised under these four headings.

Area 1 – School Funding

Area 2 – Recruitment and Retention

Area 3 – Accountability and provision

Area 4 – Curriculum design

Other points

Let me know what your thoughts are – which of the three do you prefer and why?  What would you have liked to see but haven’t?  All comments welcomed!

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