Developing angle relationship understanding

angles1I’m sure you’ve noticed that students have issues applying angle relationships correctly.  This is especially true when dealing with relationships involving parallel lines.  Add in a bit of algebra and you can just see one or two of them shut down!

angles2I’m experimenting with approaches to develop a better understanding of spotting say pairs of alternate angles or corresponding angles and then developing this further by introducing algebra so they can use their (hopefully) growing understanding to form and solve equations.

angles3Below are a set of sheets I’m planning to try out on a year 9 mid ability group.  I’ll report back as to how they worked.  As always feel free to use yourself and please let me know any feedback, positive or negative, after you’ve tried them out.


The idea is to use the diagrams with no angles in the, but just lines and vertices marked with letters and the various angle relationships written around them to get students to note down say pairs of angles which are alternate to each other or vertically opposite to each other.  Then to develop this to a basic question where they have numbers as angles and then take it a step further where they have to use this understanding to form and solve an equation – and in the last sheet prove that two lines are parallel or that a triangle is isosceles.

Download the PDF here…


and the editable word file here…


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