Core 3 Weekly Homework 1


Keeping up my theme of regular practice to support understanding in mathematics, I’m trialing the use of a weekly homework with my year 13 group.  Our year 13’s do the Edexcel course and I’m currently teaching them C3.  When they returned from AS exams last year they completed the sections on algebraic fractions, functions and logs and exponentials and I’ve been hammering trig with them up to half term.

The homeworks are designed to allow them to do one question per day and to re-visit some of the topics they’ve previously covered as well as ones we are covering at the moment.

I’ll post each one I do – I’m going to trial this up to Christmas and use some kind of student voice to see if it has been useful for the students.

As always, if you feel they are useful, use as you will.  Happy to share the editable word version also – just email me at

Feedback (particularly if you spot errors or inaccuracies!) is always welcomed.


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