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A new year plea for those currently in the teaching profession

Excellence takes time.  It isn’t an instant thing.  This is what frustrates me about one of the debates on the future of teaching.  Most discussion seems to centre on the ‘recruitment crisis’ in teaching – particularly in some key subjects.  There is nowhere near enough consideration given to the retention of teachers.  The government shout… Read More »

Reflections on #MathsConf13

I want to reflect on my first ever La Salle Education mathematics conference yesterday – #Mathsconf13 – at King Edward VII school in Sheffield.  The main reflection for me was the fact that about 400 mathematics teachers from across the country gave up their Saturday to attend what turned into a very high quality professional… Read More »

Education in the manifestos – a summary

I looked in detail in an earlier post at what the Conservative manifesto said about education (particularly secondary).  I thought I would compare and contrast the three main English parties and their education commitments from their manifesto’s.  I’ve tried to be as non-judgemental as possible and to be honest there are parts of each party’s… Read More »

Choosing your homework

Quite a while ago I posted about some homework I’d been trialing involving students choosing the homework they wished to do.  The work was loosely based on Blooms Taxonomy. I’ve decided to revisit this with a low ability year 8 class I am currently teaching. Alongside the work our year 8 scheme dictates, I’m trying… Read More »

The hypocrisy of pay restraint

Just thought I’d dip my toe into the teacher pay discussion I’ve seen on twitter.  The Government’s evidence to the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) has just been released. Justine Greening is pushing for pay restraint and keeping any increases at 1%.  Of course any increase in salary has to come from the ever diminishing… Read More »