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One page shadow papers

I’m sure most schools are struggling with their budgets and photocopying can be a significant part of this – particularly when doing past papers with Year 11. I’m currently teaching a higher tier year 11 group and we are working through exam papers now that we have finished covering the specification.  Of course we are… Read More »

Daily Challenge 12th April 2018

Today’s daily GCSE challenge questions – again calculators can be used… HIGHER TIER FOUNDATION PLUS FOUNDATION Solutions…. Higher Tier Foundation Plus Foundation If you want to download the questions as an editable word file you can below… Revision Questions 3 12_4_18 C And with solutions… Revision Questions 3 12_4_18 C with solutions Please follow and… Read More »

Daily GCSE Challenge – 11th April 2018

Today’s GCSE challenge…  Calculator can (but doesn’t have to) be used HIGHER TIER FOUNDATION PLUS (For those doing foundation but aiming for a 5) FOUNDATION (for those doing foundation aiming for a 4 or below) SOLUTIONS HIGHER FOUNDATION PLUS FOUNDATION If you want to download the editable Word file with these on, you can download… Read More »

Higher Tier GCSE Practice Papers

As we get ever closer to the summer GCSEs, I’ve produced a set of higher tier practice papers modelled around the Edexcel style of paper.  There is a set of 3 papers – one non-calculator and two calculator papers where I’ve tried to cover as wide a scope as possible.  The big difference between these… Read More »