C3 Trigonometry – Revision Clock

revision-clock-c3-trig-1Another thing I did last summer to aid revision, based on something I’d seen elsewhere (I’m a magpie really – I try to collect other peoples really good ideas) was a revision clock.

I’ve just covered about 2/3 of the C3 trig section for Edexcel with my Y13 group and running up to half term I thought we’d have a lesson focused on practicing exam style questions.  Each one is around 10 marks so using the mark a minute rule, they should take about 10 minutes to complete each question – for this particular clock (my others were in 5 minute gaps) it took an hour to complete – nice for a whole lesson or a homework.

Download the pdf below and if you want the editable word version, email me at admin@mrchadburn.co.uk


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