A bit of maths each day – Edexcel C1 for November

bit-of-maths-november-y12-c1The revision calendars for GCSE Foundation and GCSE Higher tiers appear to have been received well.  The final part of the packages is a revision calendar designed around the Edexcel AS course.

We have issues retaining students from AS to A2 and we want to put in some extra layers of support to assist our students who struggle early on – I believe that if we allow them to drift beyond Christmas it becomes very difficult to pull them back because their mathematical confidence has become shot to pieces.  A revision schedule like this calendar alongside in-school support is hopefully one way of supporting them adequately.

The AS calendars will encompass more of the course as we do it at my school.  We obviously do C1 and C2 in Year 12 but also begin S1 around Christmas time – so the calendars after Christmas will cover C1 and bits of C2 and S1 (Edexcel remember).

As with all my calendars, you are free to use them and if you want the editable word versions, just email me at admin@mrchadburn.co.uk and I will be happy to send them to you.  Please let me know either by email or twitter if you find them useful and if you spot any errors or inaccuracies.  I do write most of the questions myself and I do make mistakes!!! I will begin tweeting solutions to each days question approximately a week after it appears on the calendar – this is to allow my teachers to use them for homework if they wish (and you too!)

Download the pdf version here.


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